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Visit the Moon or Mars.
Travel back
in time to visit
the dinosaurs.
Sensing all around.
See a different, exciting future
that has no boundaries with 360.
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360-Degree Data
360-degree data, which includes all data from a space and not just images but also videos, sounds, atmosphere, and meaning, enables you to do things that were not possible in the past—things you were unable to communicate, unable to see, and unable to know.
Experience a 360-Degree Virtual Tour
Communicate the past.
A cave in Kamakura
View locations you are unable to go to.
View tours
Experience as though you actually went there.
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Our Thoughts
We are all well-versed in RICOH THETA and 360-degree photos. Since releasing the industry’s first 360-degree camera in 2013, Ricoh has led the field.
RICOH360 Technology
From “connecting” to “continuing":
The power of business for a sustainable society
The Ricoh Group has stated its sustainable development goals (SDGs) from 2017 and has approached important social issues. Solutions provided by RICOH360 will also contribute to resolving the issues of society.
RICOH360 Services
RICOH360 Tours
Things you would ask professionals to do. Things professionals would not try. Do them with your own hands.
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RICOH360 Projects
Digitalize the entire work site
using 360-degree images.
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