Instantly Digitize the Entire Jobsite

Using 360° Images

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Main Challenges With Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Enabling teams to quickly understand and view a jobsite status
Unless there in person
it’s difficult to communicate
what’s happening on-site using regular photos.
Problem Image
Countless trips
back-and-forth to the jobsite
to reshoot areas that were missed on previous visits.
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Your All-in-One Reality Capture
& Communication Platform
RICOH360 Projects is changing the way teams approach construction jobsites with technology that anybody can use to instantly create and share immersive 360° digital spaces.
Our Key Concepts
Easy to Capture
One 360° photo taken
with RICOH THETA can capture the walls,
ceiling and floor of a room
with a single press of a button.
Easy to Organize
An app that all-at-once captures
and embeds a 360° photo
to a drawing by location,
making navigation seamless.
Easy to Share
Direct from the cloud 360° images
can be accessed via a mobile
and laptop without the need
for specialized software.
How to Use Immersive Views of Your Jobsite
Optimize Workflow Across Projects
With RICOH360 Projects
In all phases of a project life cycle, organize and communicate the jobsite’s progress in one central platform.
Off-site Access
Hard to imagine what is going on ..
With immersive 360° views we can get the entire picture - even off-site!
Site survey
Revisit and reshoot missing areas or blind spots ..
Entire space is captured with a single shot - save time and money!
We Have You Covered
Helping successful architecture, engineering, and construction firms become even more efficient and cost-effective.
Improving worker efficiency
Each 360° image captures the entire scene – no need to revisit the jobsite.
Capture and embed a 360° image directly to your jobsite drawing with the app.
Add hand-drawn notes to a 360° image onsite – no post editing necessary.
Remote worker efficiency
Inspect the site with immersive digital views at anytime from anywhere.
Easy navigation from the drawings with the embedded 360° images.
Optimize the number of visits to the sites. Save your time and cost.
Why Choose RICOH360 Projects?
Hardware-optimized user experience(UX)
Providing a complete all-in-one user-friendly solution with the platform and camera developed under one global brand. From compatibility to automatic upgrades we have you covered.
A pioneer of 360° photo data services
Since the launch of 360° photo-based cloud services in 2015 for promotion and advertisement Ricoh has become a trusted leader in the industry serving more than 7,000 enterprises globally.
Reassurance unique to Ricoh
You can feel confident using Ricoh’s cloud-based services. A leading Japanese office equipment manufacturer and innovator in 360° digital capture software with fresh ideas and latest technologies.
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About Ricoh

Ricoh is empowering digital workplaces using innovative technologies and services enabling individuals to work smarter.
Since 1936, Ricoh has been driving innovation and is a leading provider of document management solutions, IT services,
commercial and industrial printing, digital cameras, and industrial systems.
Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group operates in approximately 200 countries and regions.
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RICOH360 Tours
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With no professional equipment or expertise, RICOH360 Tours will let you introduce and share real estate property, facilities, etc., with remotely located customers using means such as a website or through web conferencing.
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RICOH360 Brand
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RICOH360 provides a subscription service for sharing and editing tools that optimize your business using 360-degree data. RICOH360 services are used in various industries, including real estate and construction sites.