360 Perspective for Your Business

RICOH360 spatial communication tools
bring new value to your business.

Beyond the Bounds of Space and Time

Awaken to New Ideas

An Eye on the Future

The present and future, brought to you by 360

Imagine Your Ideal Lifestyle

When searching for a new home,
360 captures every last detail of a house
so you can view it at your leisure.

What will your life be like once you move in?
A carpet here, a sofa there.
360 can also show how sunny a new dwelling is,
and whether or not it's in a noisy neighborhood.

Take in more information than you could by visiting the home
without the constraints of time or location.

When you like, as much as you like.
The canvas is blank. Draw yourself an exciting new life.

Imagine Your Ideal Lifestyle

See What People Are Thinking

Imagine identifying what people pay attention to and what they're interested in from their behavior, movements, and what they look at.

360 can analyze spaces and all that goes on in them for use in sales and marketing.

Discover hidden needs and meet potential expectations.

360 brings people closer to your business.

See What People Are Thinking

Never Miss a Thing

City safety starts with infrastructure inspections.
Missing anything, no matter how small, can spell disaster.

This work can be dangerous due to high, cramped, dark locations with poor footing.

With 360, there is no need to fear such conditions.
It delivers situational data without having to leave your desk.

Our lives are safe and secure thanks to the unseen specialists who work to keep infrastructure functioning.

Never Miss a Thing

Become Anyone

What if 360 could put you in someone else's shoes?

What do they see? What do they do? Seeing the world from a different perspective may show you a world you never imagined.

Become a chef preparing a wonderful meal or look over the orchestra from the conductor's podium.

Ordinary, everyday life offers new and interesting discoveries.

Become Anyone

Be Part of the City

A warm gaze rather than a security camera.

Soaring over the city like a bird in flight,
the comings and goings of people, and the beauty of the changing seasons are woven into our daily lives to become cherished memories.

As information accumulates over time,
it reveals the true charm and possibilities of the city.

Integrating 360 into city life creates new opportunities for tourism, real estate, and PR.

Be Part of the City

RICOH360 will grow into a digital twin global platform while contributing towards resolving social issues and creating the foundation for a sustainable society.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development goals:SDGs
This set of universal priorities and goals through 2030 under an accord with the United Nations comprises 17 goals and 169 targets.

Enabling you to work anytime anywhere from your favorite location

Building a society that can work efficiently no matter where you are by connecting the real and virtual world.

Diverse lifestyles are accepted in today’s society, and there is a demand for a work style that fits our stage of life as well as the creation of a foundation to achieve this work style.

Not being able to understand the situation unless you go to the workplace is a belief that belongs in the past. Providing the infrastructure for a digital twin will achieve a society in which everyone can actively work.

Enabling you to work anytime anywhere from your favorite location

Bringing hidden cultural assets into the future

Creating an age where we can search for every historical site even after several decades have passed.

Around the world, various historic landmarks are in danger of fading due to climate change and deterioration caused by time. In some cases, these landmarks are off limits for preservation.

By recording natural culture that has historical value as a digital archive, Ricoh promotes community development to pass the archive on to the next generation.

Bringing hidden cultural assets into the future

Facing social issues with diverse partnerships

Numerous challenges persist globally, encompassing poverty, education, environmental conservation, and disaster management.

Ricoh collaborates with governments, agencies, and businesses, utilizing 360-degree data to comprehensively capture on-site conditions and contribute to awareness through vivid imagery.

Towards a world where everyone can live with assurance. We strive to establish a new foundation and collaboration, unbound by existing frameworks and methodologies.

Facing social issues with diverse partnerships



Capture everything with a small camera

Advanced Digital Camera Technology

Advanced optical and image processing technologies packed into a slim body make high-quality spherical images possible.

Every detail of a 360-degree space in high image quality

Image Enhancement

Our image enhancement technology overturns digital cameras conventions. It delivers beautiful, high-resolution images and compensates for noise and chromatic aberrations.


Bringing new value to spaces

Spatial Computing

Our AI analyzes and parses spherical images packed with details. Not only can it digitize actual spaces, but it also adds information to images, lending new value to spaces.

See people's interests

Saliency Detection

AI provides a detailed analysis of spatial value from the user's point of view by analyzing what they're looking at.


Fits perfectly in your hand

Total UX

Our expertise in cameras and services allow us to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Broadens expectations

RICOH360 Platform

We have built one of the world's largest spherical image libraries. The platform is capable of processing a massive amount of image data at high speeds, and is always evolving.

We seek to evolve technology and the possibilities it will bring for a better future on Earth.
Our symbol mark, in the form of a compass, represents the direction we are heading and our strong intentions to achieve this goal.


The strongest partner to advance your business together.