Prevent downtime and opportunity loss
with RICOH360 device management

Prevent downtime and opportunity loss \nwith RICOH360 device management

Resolve problems and troublesome situations that occur while managing many work sites and devices.

Reducing wasted time and effort for efficient use
All information concerning device usage can be viewed on a single screen. Assigning devices to other branches can be done remotely, and the number of units required at each work site can also be estimated smoothly. Finding and operating non-used devices maximizes use efficiency.
Minimizing problems at the work site
The status of devices can be consistently monitored, increasing business opportunities, and decreasing work stoppages.
Centralized management of devices from any location
Managing devices from the cloud means that there is no need to update firmware at the work site. The administrator only needs to configure update settings from the management screen remotely. Installing the latest firmware maximizes device capacity.

(*Partially under development)

A seamless process from capturing to sharing images

Images and videos captured using RICOH THETA are automatically uploaded to the cloud. This results in a smooth workflow, from image capture and storage to instant sharing.Interaction between members is effortless.
seamless functionality

Integration and pricing information

Integration plans are tailored to fit every customer’s needs and objectives. Please feel free to contact us about a trial or other inquiries.

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With THETA and the app, you can experience RICOH360.
The app is available for free right now.
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RICOH360 Information Security:
Ricoh Obtains ISO/IEC 27001 and 27017 Certification

The RICOH Group's mission is to "continue to create and provide new value that is useful to the world through the relationship between people and information." We also aim to ensure that this value and our customers' information are always protected by a strong security system. This is our ultimate goal.

The RICOH360 information security system has acquired ISO/IEC 27001 and 27017 certification, which are international standards for information security, further strengthening the foundation for continued safe use. On top of our core information security, we have added cloud-specific information security to firmly protect your business and your customers' information.

For further details, please refer to the white paper.

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