Explore more possibility
with our platform

Explore more possibility\nwith our platform

Everything you need

Technologies that underpin RICOH360 Platfrom

RICOH will work with you to develop and provide the best solution by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, combining expertise in cutting-edge technologies with cloud APIs and hardware.

Cloud API
Robust serverless environment
Using serverless technology, a stable service with minimal downtime is provided.
Cutting-edge AI image processing
AI-powered conversion and editing feature for 360-degree images.
Flexible API/SDK
API/SDK supports seamless integration from mobile applications to enterprise systems, empowering 360-degree adoption.
Cloud integration
Captured images and the status of THETA can be synchronized, and THETA can be controlled from the cloud.
High image quality
By integrating optical technology and image processing techniques, THETA internally generates seamless high-quality 360-degree images.
We adopt an Android™-based OS, allowing you to develop Plugins (Apps) to add various functionalities.


Here are some examples of solutions achievable on the RICOH360 Platform.

Fault detection (Device monitoring)

By detecting the error contents of remotely installed devices, prompt and appropriate actions can be taken.

Bulk THETA configurations (Device control)

By performing remote bulk operations such as firmware updates on the THETAs owned by each site, the burden on local team members is reduced.

Automatic image upload (Data sync)

Captured images are automatically uploaded, eliminating the need for manual uploading to the cloud and significantly reducing the associated workload.

Spatial information recording (360 archiving)

The information associated with 360 images is recorded and stored in the cloud, allowing you to view the recorded scenes anytime, anywhere.

Virtual tour sharing (360 hosting)

You can create and publish 360-degree virtual tours without the need to build your own website.

Live Streaming (360 communication)

By sharing the real-time captured space through the THETA, it provides instant visibility of the on-site situation, enabling smoother communication even in remote locations.

List of RICOH360 Platform support features

Supported THETA models
THETA SC2 for Business
Other models*
(*Functionality may be limited.)
SDK supported programming languages
Swift (iOS)
Kotlin (Android)
React Native
Device Management
Photo Sync
Video Sync
Remote Software Update
Remote Device Management
Remote Device Control
Media Management
Media Storage
Auto Tagging
Media Search
Thumbnail Generation
Image Enhancement
Auto Blur
360 Viewer
Cubic Projection
Auto Video Generation
Auto Staging (Preparing for release)
Timelapse (Under development)
Live Streaming (Under development)

Released SDK/API

  • THETA API Reference
    • THETA Client Library
      • THETA control library
      • Supported programming languages
        • Swift (iOS)
        • Kotlin (Android)
        • React Native
        • Flutter
    • THETA API Simulator
      • The server simulates the THETA's API.
      • You can verify the response of the THETA API even without having a THETA.
      • Please utilize the THETA API for testing applications.

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