Innovating customer experience,
creating infinite value

Innovating customer experience, \ncreating infinite value

Shooting and sharing 360 photos are useful
at every stage of a project


Record everything

Captured images are useful as detailed records of a project’s progress and as a tool to accurately understand 360-degree spaces.

Very easy to share

High resolution images can be verified quickly from anywhere, enabling smooth communication with members and clients.

Safety improvement

Since 360-images can be used to verify the conditions, this can eliminate situations in which problems are overlooked, help discover problems quickly, and prevent accidents.

Project management

All information from the work site such as high resolution images, their position information, and shooting history can be acquired so this is useful for managing the progress of a project.

Process visualization

All recordings are stored in the cloud so there is no need to worry about losing data. You can always go back through the history to accurately verify the process.

Marketing & sales tools

Virtual tours can be created by connecting 360-degree images, and these tours can be used for marketing and sales tools.

Efficient operation with a digital twin

RICOH THETA digital twin “THETA Twin”

You can synchronize RICOH THETA and the cloud to collect and centrally manage device information in real time. You can also link to existing systems and services to achieve better solutions that meet the needs of the work site.

THETA Twin advantages

Setup is easy

Grasping the status of operation

Data is always backed up

Updating software in batch

Centralized management of devices

The operation status of all THETA cameras held at each site can be visualized based on collected device information. If an error should occur at a THETA camera, it is quickly discovered, reducing the risk of opportunity loss.

THETA cameras can be remotely operated, so batch updating the firmware contributes towards optimization, reduced man-hours, and costs.

(*Partially under development)

Ricoh’s image processing technology that “brings out the charm of 360-degree images”

AI image correction

Using Ricoh’s unique image processing and AI technology together provides automatic correction for high definition and appropriate brightness.
This enables anyone to save and share high quality 360-degree images with minimal effort.
This function can improve 360-degree image quality (especially resolution, noise, and chromatic aberration).
Two modes are available, “Normal mode” for standard brightness and “Dark scene mode” for dark images taken indoors with no lighting.

Normal mode

Dark scene mode

2D manual cropping

You can crop any part of a 360-degree image to produce a 2D image. It is no longer necessary to shoot images using a digital camera or similar device because 2D images can be generated from a 360-degree image. This reduces shooting time and achieves a uniform quality for your images.

Cube-shaped net

A net drawing can be generated that enables you to easily view the construction of a room as a cube-shaped image without any distortions or blind spots. This can be used in reports and explanatory documents both inside and outside the company.

Blur Person

To protect people’s privacy, people captured while shooting 360-degree images are detected and automatically blurred. Blurring is applied to their entire body, not just their face.

AI staging

AI can be used to automatically arrange computer generated furniture and small objects in 360-degree images of empty rooms. This can create a more specific image of how a room will look when people live there. It is possible to generate a variation of images with several furniture layouts.


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