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RICOH360 provides a subscription service
for sharing and editing tools
that optimize your business
using 360-degree data.
RICOH360 services are used in various industries,
including real estate and construction sites.
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Introducing facilities with a virtual tour
RICOH360 Tours
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Sharing the entire situation at a construction site
RICOH360 Projects
Things you would ask professionals to do. Things professionals would not try. Do them with your own hands.
With no professional equipment or expertise, RICOH360 Tours will let you introduce and share real estate property, facilities, etc., with remotely located customers using means such as a website or through web conferencing.
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Create a 360-Degree Virtual Tour in Three Easy Steps
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Anyone can create a virtual tour anywhere that is both beautiful and has impact using the dedicated mobile app from Ricoh, the company that developed THETA. 360-degree images, which are different to conventional photos, can display entire rooms and the surroundings in detail even on a smartphone. You can also manipulate these images on a PC.
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Developing the RICOH360 Brand
Visit anywhere without moving.
Breathe new value into your business.
Experiencing all around.
The RICOH360 data experts cover all your needs.
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RICOH360 is a service brand for the business sector that optimizes the digitalization of work and the work site using 360-degree data. RICOH360 provides a total user experience from shooting images to data utilization in order to optimize the customer’s work flow.
Services Can Be Used in Various Types of Business
Real Estate
Wedding Hall
Used Car Sales
University (Tama Art University)
Sightseeing (Ikyu)
Exhibition (Sakai Risho)
Why Ricoh?
From a copy of plane to a copy of space. A copy that can easily convey information and knowledge to anyone. Ricoh deploys technology and experience acquired through the copy business into a copy of space and creates new experience value with the customer.
State-of-the-art technology
A pioneer of the world’s first spherical camera
RICOH Quality
The Ricoh Group established the value provided to customers as “EMPOWERING DIGITAL WORKPLACES” in 2017. This represents connecting people to information, and supporting the power of people to communicate and create.
This is the mission that Ricoh has cherished since the company was established in 1936 and inspired by the “Spirit of Three Loves.” RICOH360 is a project that achieves this mission based on the new standard, the 360-degree data.