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RICOH’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology automatically creates an engaging video from your existing 360˚ images. Use this video to support your video marketing with no additional effort.

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Select your top 360˚ images to be part of your video and RICOH's AI technology will automatically generate a great marketing video of your property. Furthermore, the number of videos produced is unlimited; RICOH360 Tours users can create as many videos as they want.

Auto generate a marketing video that looks like a walk around of your property listing.

Three main highlights of the AI Video Maker feature.

High Quality

Automatic marketing video creation at the touch of a button

Select up to 15 of your top 360˚ images and RICOH's AI technology will auto generate a Marketing Video of your property. This video will be as realistic as if you took the video in person.

High Quality

AI technology provides an additional way of presenting your property

RICOH’s AI technology has learned from the vast amount of visual data accumulated since the launch of the RICOH THETA. The AI is able to identify points of interest that customers like from millions of 360 property images and automatically generates a video. This Marketing Video created by the AI Video Maker is unique and appealing to the viewers that can be used for marketing efforts that use videos.

High Quality

Share on social media, websites, and YouTube

The Marketing Video generated by the AI Video Maker is easy to share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube or any website.

Other feature highlights

Upload your images for a high quality video

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